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Corporate responsibility and sustainability

Corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S)

Goodman’s CR&S program was formalized in 2007 and has brought together a range of development, asset management, industry, and community activities under one CR&S umbrella. There are six key areas that drive our CR&S program:  

Goodman’s sustainability platform has undergone a shift from a regional focus towards a truly integrated global program, managed by the Group Head of Sustainability and supported by the Group Sustainability Committee and regional representatives across the globe. 

Our global program is structured to encompass a series of projects and measured activities that address Goodman’s key sustainability drivers across our four key areas. These include: 

  • Specific programs to meet increasing sustainability compliance obligations 
  • Incorporating sustainable design principles and assessment tools into new developments  
  • Optimizing our existing assets based on lifecycle and customer demand 
  • Measurement and reporting of our own performance 
  • Engagement with our stakeholder groups to understand their sustainability priorities 
  • Building the sustainability capacity across Goodman

Learn more about CR&S in the 2016 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Sustainable property development approach

As a major global industrial landowner and developer, Goodman is well aware of the benefits of incorporating sustainable design principals into our new developments. Sustainability is an extension of Goodman’s own+develop+manage customer service offering, and our long-term philosophy includes a sustainable approach to the environment, and proper consideration of our social and economic responsibilities to the wider community. Optimizing the sustainability potential in new developments through green design initiatives, positions a property well to minimize its environmental impacts and provide long-term benefits to for customers and the local community. 

As such, we work closely with our customers during the planning and design phase to optimize the sustainable design elements of the development. 

Our approach to sustainable property development aims to: 
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts and enhance the local area 
  • Reduce the energy and water intensity of properties we develop 
  • Maximize the sustainable use of resources 
  • Reduce the material intensity of property and business space 
  • Utilize recycled materials and enhance recyclability 
  • Extend durability and functionality
Minimize negative environmental impacts and enhance the local area.