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Space for ambition

Our ambition series looks at three very different organizations who are applying innovative solutions to help address some of the biggest challenges facing our industry and that of our customers.

Meet the companies whose ambitions are changing the way we all live and work, for the better. Companies whose passion and drive are helping to shape our industry, accelerate our customers’ businesses and make the world a more interesting place for all of us.

Delivery in 30 minutes or less

Ambition 01

Hema, a new retail concept in China is delivering in under 30 minutes.

Launched by e-comm giant, Alibaba, Hema is an ambitious new retailer in China. It’s a physical place to shop, a dine-in restaurant and a distribution centre for online orders, all rolled into one. It also offers 30-minute delivery within a 3km radius in major Chinese cities.

Case study

Eliminate global food waste

Ambition 02

Soft Robotics, an ambitious Boston start-up is having a huge effect on supply chains across the e-commerce, advanced manufacturing and food production industries.

If you’ve had any experience with robotics, you’ll know that robots are very good at simple tasks. What they haven’t been very good at, however, is picking up and packing a range of different items, particularly delicate food items like eggs or strawberries, or flimsy apparel items. That is, until now.

Case study

Reshape the surface of our planet

Ambition 03

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is a non-conformist group of architects moulding our planet around people.

BIG’s commitment to pushing boundaries is unrivaled. Taking an unshackled approach to the past and putting human experience at the centre of every creation, BIG’s view is that future cities are going to be a lot more about how we live and work together.

Case study